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Legionów 75

A few years ago, the tenement house at ul. Legionów 75 was one of many gray, neglected tenement houses, similar to the neighboring buildings in an unattractive neighborhood.

Half-abandoned, with peeling plaster, with remnants of balconies on the facade - it looked as if her best years were already behind her. The previous, foreign owners, having no idea for it, decided to put it up for sale.

In May 2017, the building changed its owner, who saw great potential in it - a large green yard, positive changes taking place in the immediate and further surroundings of the property, as well as its favorable location and original architectural elements. The tenement house, after many years of neglect, was fit for a general renovation, which would allow it to survive the next several decades.

The general renovation started as soon as possible and went very smoothly. Suffice it to say that the entire building was completely renovated in just 8 months. All installations have been replaced, the balconies have been partially restored, the façade has been painted both from the front and the yard side, and a new roof covering has been installed. The building was connected to the municipal heating network. 

Old bricks have been beautifully exposed in the staircases, and the gate opening has been renovated. All original elements of the decor have been carefully restored and displayed, which allowed to maintain the specific atmosphere of the building with history.

All this meant that the apartments in the tenement house found buyers very quickly, while the renovation works were still underway. The building has gained a new life and pleases new residents. Some of the apartments were purchased for investment purposes and intended for rent, after finishing the interiors, they quickly began to bring satisfactory profits from the lease.